BC Health Leaders Conference

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Achieving results through the power of teams

Healthcare is a team endeavour. While this has always been the case, the current system provides additional impetus for understanding and ultimately leading complex teams. Team attributes are multifactorial however, with each unique group requiring a unique leadership approach. Leaders must be responsive and dynamic.

As has been noted, “leadership in organizational work teams has become one of the most popular and rapidly growing areas of leadership theory and research”¹. This may be due not only to the relative growth of inter-professional primary care teams, but also to the emergence of non-traditional teams throughout 2° and 3° service areas. While the evidence is suggesting there are net benefits to working in teams, those benefits are not realized simply by “putting people together”.

This conference will equip leaders with tools for navigating and leading the modern team, teams that are inter-professional, inter-generational, and inter-sectoral . Consider:

  • Inter-professional: with each profession having “distinct cultures, including differing beliefs, language, values, customs and knowledge”². How can the ideal environment be cultivated to bring out the best in each team member and in the team collectively?
  • Inter-generational: the current work setting is home to at least 4 distinct generations, each with unique skills and perspectives. What is required to move past the seemingly disparate styles to a complimentary team environment?
  • Inter-sectoral: traditional program delivery areas are being challenged to create a seamless, coordinated approach across the system. How can whole teams engage across sectors, build coalitions, and generate system transformation?

We invite you to bring your talents, insights, and questions and join us in exploring the emerging discipline of Team Leadership and learning how to achieve results through the power of teams.

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