2018 BC Health Leaders Conference

(Cette conférence est disponible en anglais seulement.)

2018 Conference Highlights

Feulgen and Rongve Welcome a Record Crowd

Sabine Feulgen, Associate Deputy Minister, Corporate Services and Ian Rongve, Assistant Deputy Minister, Hospital Diagnostic & Clinical Services Division welcomed a record 440 delegates to the 2018 BC Health Leaders Conference on October 23, 2018.

American College of Healthcare Executives

The Canadian Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) held their first session at the BC Health Leaders Conference.The session “Successfully Leading Change in Healthcare Organization” had standing room only. The attendees later joined the conference delegates at the Networking Reception.

Ian Morrison, Keynote Speaker

BCHLC2018 - Ian Morrison and Shauna Fenwick

“Every healthcare system in the world sucks in its own particular way” says Ian Morrison self-proclaimed de-motivational speaker.

Delegates concurred: “Canada has a good healthcare system but needs to do better.”

Joe Roberts, Keynote Speaker

BCHLC 2018 - Joe Roberts

Joe Roberts, the Skid Row to CEO speaker, shared his journey from living on the streets of Vancouver as a skid row derelict, to pulling himself out of that darkness to become a highly respected business and community leader today. It is a story of redemption and courage that would not have been possible without the support of healthcare professionals.

Delegate quotes: “Joe inspired me to do more, reach more, be more!”

Thomas O'Shaughnessy and Joyce Drohan, Keynote Speakers

BCHLC 2018 - Shauna Fenwick, Joyce Drohan, Thomas O'Shaughnessy

Thomas and Joyce from Deloitte, resonated with delegates when sharing the 5 Elements of Courage

  • Start with yourself
  • Unite to include
  • Be provocative and challenge the status quo
  • Take calculated risks
  • Do what’s right

Delegate take-away: “Canada needs bold courageous leadership, we need to think outside of the box - fix the airplane in the air.”

Dr. Richard Heinzl, Keynote Speaker

BCHLC 2018 - Dr. Richard Heinzl

Richard, although founder of Doctors Without Borders Canada, became an honorary member of Doctors of BC for the day through a small error in the program. It paid off, however, as both Richard and delegates from Doctors of BC enjoyed the humour. Richard educated us on how change in medicine (artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, genomics) is changing the way we practice, receive and think about healthcare around the world. His message to delegates, “never give up on something you are passionate about”.

Delegate take-way: “Looking at the future of healthcare technology is quite amazing.”

Richard Jock, Brennan MacDonald, Kim Humphreys, Keynote Panel

BCHLC 2018 - Paul Gallant, Brennan MacDonald, Kim Humphreys, Richard Jock

Richard, Brennan and Kim provided each of the delegates with handsome placemats with beautiful illustrations of the BC First Nations Health Authority framework and the ecosystem of health and wellness along with 7 directives, shared values and a leadership statement. Their panel discussion, moderated by Shauna Fenwick, took them through several questions offering delegates insight on the focus of direction, challenges, learning and values they have experienced as leaders.

Delegates concurred: “Better understanding of FNHA’s journey and strategic priorities, reflective of today’s world, need more dialog like this.”

Susan Stewart, Keynote Speaker

BCHLC 2018 - Keynote Susan Stewart

Susan closed the conference on an old adage “leave ‘em laughing” and showed us through laughter and interaction why we do need to “lighten up” and that there is a relationship between happiness and success.

Delegates said it all: “Outstanding, we needed this, inspirational, great message on positivity, good tidbits of science, loved how she tied science and evidence together, smile, we are responsible for our own happiness, cowboy/ninja/bear game = fun, excellent way to end the conference on an amazing high.”

Shauna Fenwick, Conference Facilitator

BCHLC 2018 - Conference Facilitator Shauna Fenwick

Shauna is a member of the original research team that developed the LEADS framework in 2006. She is an executive coach and works with individual clients and also mentors coaches who want to use LEADS in their practice. She has acted as facilitator of the BC Health Leaders Conference several times.

Shauna conducted the interactive session following Ian Morrison’s presentation. She also facilitated much of the conference, weaving the threads of courageous leadership throughout each of the plenary sessions.

Delegates not only appreciated her extraordinary talents as a facilitator they enjoyed connecting with each other and the event. Delegates also said they made new contacts, expanded their network and had fun with interviewing and not sticking to their own group.

Pre-Conference Session, Tours, Opening Ceremonies, Concurrent Sessions and Coaching Labs

All were well attended, with many rave reviews from delegates and many thanks to the speakers and facilities for sharing.

Please enjoy the presentations that our gracious speakers have agreed to share and the beautiful photographs taken by our official photographer, Kris Gustavson

Save the date for 2019 – November 4-6, 2019