Midnight Sun Executive

The following is a list of all members of the Midnight Sun Chapter Executive. All volunteer their time to ensure that health leaders are able to personally connect with each other and collectively advance the issues that are important to them in their local communities.

If you are interested in participating on the executive, please contact the chairperson.

Chapter Name Primary Email Start Date End Date  
Midnight Sun    Stephen Jackson CHE
Nunavut Department of Health
stephen.richard.jackson@gmail.com 06/01/2014 06/01/2017 Send Online Message
Midnight Sun    Shonagh McCrindle
Yukon Associate for Community Living
Shonagh.mc@gmail.com 06/01/2016 06/01/2018 Send Online Message
Midnight Sun    Sean Secord CHE
Yukon Hospital Corporation
sean.secord@wgh.yk.ca 11/01/2016 11/01/2018 Send Online Message
Midnight Sun    Dennis Stavrou, BA, MA, MHI CHE
Government of Nunavut
dstavrou@gov.nu.ca 09/01/2016 09/01/2018 Send Online Message