The LEADS in a Caring Environment leadership capabilities framework (LEADS) has quickly become the leadership framework of choice for health care organizations and health systems across Canada.  LEADS is becoming the common leadership language across all levels and roles within organizations and an enabler to support health system improvement and transformation. The College has aligned many of its programs, including the Certified Health Executive and Fellowship with the framework

The LEADS Collaborative, a partnership between the Canadian College of Health Leaders, the Canadian Health Leadership Network (CHLNet), Royal Roads University and Dr. Graham Dickson, share the mission to develop, support and sustain LEADS-based leadership capacity for health system transformation. That shared effort has contributed significantly to advancing the use of LEADS for improving leadership practice.

LEADS Canada is part of the Canadian College of Health Leaders and serves as the business arm of the Collaborative. LEADS Canada provides LEADS-based leadership development services and partners with organizations, authorities and regions to facilitate not only the adoption of the framework, but a cultural shift required to fully imbed LEADS throughout an organization.

LEADS Canada and its team of licensed LEADS Facilitators and LEADS Certified Coaches provide customized leadership development programs, services and tools to deliver a range of informative and practical leadership development opportunities for organizations and individuals.

A unique approach used by LEADS Canada, as it partners with organizations across Canada to support adoption of the framework, is the creation of the LEADS Community for Practice which provides opportunities, venues and platforms for those using LEADS in different roles to connect, share resources, tools, experiences and learn from each other.

For more information about LEADS Canada, its products, services and clients visit the LEADS Canada web site or contact us at  leads@cchl-ccls.ca.